Last year, we gave Mountain Sheep's one-on-one ice hockey game Ice Rage a very respectable Bronze Award. On the one hand, we praised it for its entertainment value. On the other, though, we criticised it for its rather low replay value.

It's good news all around, then, that the developer has released an update which doubles - yes, doubles - the mode count.

To two.

Beyond belief

In this brand-new Beyond the Tournament mode, you - ahem - face off against nine opponents, one after another. To the surprise of no one whatsoever, each successive AI-controlled opponent proves tougher than the last.

Once you've defeated all nine of your mortal enemies, you must go toe-to-toe and stick-to-stick with new boss character Skar. There's one stipulation, mind: in order to have a crack at Skar, you have to have won all nine of your matches without losing a single round.

One other point of note: you can now upgrade your character's abilities in Tournament mode. Speed, power, and technique are the upgradable attributes, if you were wondering.

Ice Rage is available on the App Store as a Universal app for 69p / 99c.