Iskander Inc. has always focused on no-holds-barred titles, from the gory noir game Cut Him Up to the comic beat-'em-up Brutal Fantasy.

Its new old skool platformer, Bit-1, is also aimed at the hardcore audience, if in a more gentle way.

Obviously inspired by Mega Man and other classics, Bit-1 has 25 levels of robot shooting and platform jumping. The controls are limited to left, right, shoot, and jump, which helps keep the gameplay smooth.

Perfectly formed

It also helps that things are tiny: everything from the enemies and the obstacles to the hero and his bullets. The scale makes the bullet shower more manageable, as it's easier to bob and weave with so much real estate on'screen.

But, the small scale makes the boss battles that much more intense. Humongous mechanical monsters and organic beasts are a regular occurrence.

Bit-1 is out now on the iPhone priced 69p / 99c / €0.79, or you can check out the first five levels for free in the Lite version [iTunes link].