After drifting magically onto the App Store last October, ustwo's iOS endless-flyer Whale Trail has finally loop-the-looped onto the Android Market.

In this simple psychedelic side-scroller, Willow the Whale - a.k.a. you - has left the relative comfort of the sea and taken to the skies to escape the inky clutches of sinister squid Baron Von Barry.

In order for Willow to remain in the air, he must follow a trail of brightly coloured bubbles, while simultaneously avoiding angry storm clouds looking to give him a nasty shock.

The iPhone version received a Pocket Gamer Silver Award for its "stellar production values and solid gameplay", so it's well worth checking out on Android.

You can sample Whale Trail's colourful charms on the Android Market today for the special launch price of 69p / 99c [download].

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