US indie dev aeiowu has announced that it's getting ready to release a wacky new iPhone and iPad puzzle game called Puzzlejuice, which incorporates elements of Tetris, Boggle, and the 3 billion match-three titles that currently litter the App Store.

Basically, your aim in Puzzlejuice is to match three or more similarly coloured blocks as they fall onto your device's screen in order to change them into a series of letters.

These letters then have to be manipulated into words, which will make the blocks disappear and create room for further colourful squares. Don't forget to keep your eye on the game's ever-decreasing multiplier, either. Your high score depends on it.

Spell release

If your mind wasn't already frazzled by the above gameplay description, there's also a bunch of power-ups to take into account, such as tornado, bomb, letter-nuke, freeze, drill, and slammer. Tasty.

Puzzlejuice was submitted to Apple early last week, and is expected to hit the App Store as a Universal app on January 19th. This Thursday, in other words.

We're not quite sure how much this puzzler will cost, but we'll keep you updated.