Leaked achievement lists have revealed that DoDonPachi Maximum, PES 2012, and more unannounced titles are heading to Windows Phone soon.

DoDonPachi Maximum is the latest from Japanese arcade shooting kings Cave, and is related to iOS bullet-hell hit DoDonPachi Resurrection. Maximum will feature five stages, and has 20 achievements worth 200 points.

He shoots, he scores

Football fans should also keep an eye out for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, which is set to migrate over from te App Store. It's unconfirmed if the WP7 version will share the same features as the iOS edition, which includes in-app purchases and a super challenge mode.

Other revealed games include word jumble TextTwist 2 from the minds behind Doodle Jump and Miniclip's grenade-flinging pastime Fragger, an addictive Flash game that's like Angry Birds if it had more explosives.

No release dates and prices have been announced for the above, but we'd be surprised if we didn't see at least one of the titles popping up in the next month or so.

iOS version of DoDonPachi Ressurection pictured above.


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