On the back of the announcement of its imminent version 2.0 OS update the BlackBerry PlayBook is benefiting from a steady influx of established game franchises.

First was Rovio's Angry Birds and now Zepto Lab's Cut the Rope makes an appearance on the BlackBerry App World store.

Om and Om

The game remains the same as its original smartphone iteration, with the physics-based puzzle foundation still packing the hundreds of levels and its candy-loving central character Om Nom.

Something new, however is the game's integration with ScoreLoop, the RIM-owned cross-platform social mobile gaming developer tool kit.

Cut the Rope is one of the first PlayBook apps to integrate with the platform, which enables players to share scores.

Supply and demand

In an interview over at the official BlackBerry blog, ZeptoLab's chief revenue officer Diana Moldavsky pointed out the reasons for bringing the game to PlayBook.

"The motivation behind this for us is that we want to expand and be on every device and every screen there is out there," she said.

"We see a huge demand from different people, and different people have different devices that they want to play this game on. They've been asking us and we're addressing this demand.”

Check out the video below for the full interview.

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[source: BlackBerry]