Take to the piste and show off your slaloming skills in Ultimate Ski Racing 2. With Slalom, Giant, and Downhill modes to compete in, this wintry game will keep you going until the Spring rolls around.

Slalom and Giant modes have you speeding down the slopes, navigating your way past slalom posts. Steer close for a tidy bonus – but be careful! Should you hit the post you’ll suffer a penalty that could cost you the competition.

That's because Ultimate Ski Racing 2 isn’t just about clocking good times, but also about beating the other competitors, whether in the form of your AI rivals, or a human opponent in the game’s Hot Seat multiplayer.

Finally, Downhill mode offers you free rein of the slopes. With no slalom trail to adhere to, you’re free to find the fastest path down the slope.

Whatever mode you tackle, Ultimate Ski Racing 2 delivers a globetrotting collection of competitions against some fierce opposition.