We all knew before that Shadowgun, Madfinger’s Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning third-person shooter would be getting a multiplayer update at some point, but it appears that the update may be soon upon us if if the Nvidia CES presentation is anything to go by.

The game was demonstrated just off stage during the company’s press conference in Las Vegas, running on a number of Asus Transformer Prime machines at 60fps using Xbox 360 controllers.

While not many details were revealed about how the multiplayer will work, the game looked to be running smoothly on the local network set up for the show.

Amusingly, Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang kept referring to the game as a “first-person shooter”, even going as far as to introduce Fata1ity (one of the most well-known FPS gamers around) to play the game for a short section. It was a little odd.