It can’t be Christmas without the inevitable argument or four, so it’s always good to see major software companies have a mud-slinging match during the festive season.

The Tetris Company, holder of the Tetris licence, has lashed out at Angry Birds creator Rovio, calling the company's game 'a fad' in a recent interview with Industry Gamers.

Henk Rogers, manager of The Tetris Company, reasoned that "once people have played [a game] more than 20 or 25 years you can say it’s here to stay, it’s a sport, it’s no longer a fad."

"Angry Birds is cute and everybody plays it for a while, but they get burned out."

Mixed meta-claus

Just to confuse matters, Rogers later went on to describe Tetris as like the song 'Happy Birthday' because "it keeps on going", though 'Happy Birthday' is clearly not a sport, and is actually quite a short song.

It's not too surprising that other companies are gunning for Rovio after its Angry Birds franchise hit over half a billion downloads earlier in the year. Comparing its birds to Mario and Disney likely didn't go down that well with the old guard either.

Angry Birds and Tetris are available now, on everything.

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