UPDATE: If you're having the same problems as I was having below, try uninstalling and re-installing the app. It should work after that.

Remember how thrilled - and then disappointed - I was at the fact that OnLive only half-worked with the Xperia Play’s slide-out controls?

An update has apparently just gone live on the Android Market that, according to the official OnLive Twitter account, comes with “added support for the slide-out game controls for the Xperia PLAY!”

Naturally I leapt to the Xperia Play (actually it was sat beside me, but roll with me here) to update and try out the streaming games service with full PlayStation button support - only to find it was just the same as before: D-pad working in menus, but no detection of the controller in-game.

Root of all evil

This could be a case of a rooted (yes, I rooted my Play) phone being incompatible with the app, in which case you can all point and laugh at me for being too hasty to get the app working with the hardware buttons before it was officially supported.

Otherwise it could be another case of OnLive announcing a feature too early, as was the case with the (still in stasis) iPad version of the service.

One thing is for sure, though - even if I can’t get it working right this very moment, it does appear that OnLive will support Xperia Play controls very soon.