Developer SkyGoblin has pinged us an email to inform us that it's currently working on the first episode of a "traditional" point-and-click adventure for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

Entitled The Journey Down, the forthcoming puzzler follows hero Bwana and trusted sidekick Kito as they're thrown into a "twisting plot" of "corruption, laughs, and brainteasing adventure".

The first episode of this four-part game is slated to arrive on the Mac and PC in the early stages of 2012, with iPhone, iPad, and Android ports of the title scheduled for "shortly after".

The Journey Down is heavily influenced by black African culture. For example, the game's character and pattern designs are inspired by carvings and masks from the Makonde and Chokwe tribes. There's even a reggae soundtrack.

We're jammin'

As you see from the screenshots in our gallery above, The Journey Down features numerous hand-painted environments to explore, each packed with "feedback-orientated puzzles".

If any of this is sounding right up your street, be sure to check out SkyGoblin's The Journey Down development blog.

We'll keep you updated with any new news.