If you’re reading this article, then something has gone terrible wrong with the transdimensional warp interface we infused into the website’s neural pathways, which should have thrown PG Towers into an alternative reality where the Atari Lynx and N-Gage are battling it out for the affection of shoppers across the globe.

Either that or it’s Christmas.

So, rather than sitting on the 14th floor ofPGTowers and tapping away at our keyboards, we’re off scoffing turkey. (Except for the vegetarians in the team, who'll be eating turkey-shaped tofu. Or something like that. I haven’t checked, to be honest.)

No fear

To all our regular readers: never fear! We’ll be posting up new content throughout the ‘holiday season’ (as our American chums like to call it), so there will be plenty of stories, features, and reviews to read while you nurse hangovers and avoid the rest of the family.

If you’ve never visited the site before, however, then: welcome! What you’ve accidentally / deliberately / haven’t yet (thanks to the aforementioned time rift) stumbled across is the UK and Europe’s leading website for mobile and handheld gaming.

Inside these virtual pages, you’ll discover all the latest news, reviews, interviews, previews, features, investigations, and everything in between.

And since we cover all mobile and handheld formats from iPhone, iPad, and Android, right through to 3DS and Vita, you can be sure that whatever portable device you found under the Christmas tree today, we’ve got you covered.

What games should I be getting for my new phone / tablet / console?

Given you’ll likely want to get back to the turkey / tofu soon, we’ve rounded up the best ten games of the year for all the major formats and spat them out in bite-sized chunks of words and phrases. Many people call them 'features'.

If you want to get the most out of your new games machine, these are the titles to get:

Best iPhone games of 2011
Best Android games of 2011
Best Xperia Play games of 2011
Best iPad games of 2011
Best 3DS games of 2011
Best DS games of 2011
Best PSP games of 2011

But wait - there’s more!

Over the Christmas break, we’ll be looking at the top titles for the coming year, handpicked by some of the wisest kings in their respected fields, so you know exactly which shining examples of gaming to follow next year.

In any case, we hope everyone reading (and even those that aren’t) a very merry Christmas / holiday season, and hope you all have a cracking good time.

Happy Holidays from Pocket Gamer!