Google chairman Eric Schmidt has announced during an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the company will begin the promotion of a new Nexus tablet within the next six months ... well that's what we're assuming.

What he technically said was "In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality".

Of course, it could also mean that Google will market another OEM's product - say Samsung or HTC - but it sounds more like a Nexus product to us, maybe from Motorola?

Schmidt also highlighted the furious nature of the "brutal competition" between Apple and Google and that the upcoming tablet will be the next battleground between the two companies.

Siri-ous business

One thing we do know is that Google's voice recognition technology will be more fully integrated into the tablet in order to combat everyone's favourite Apple AI Siri.

And Schmidt - who used to sit on Apple's board - did take a moment to concede that Steve Jobs and Apple had opened up a whole new arena with the iPad.

"Steve Jobs was the Michelangelo of our time," he said.

"[He] realised the revolutionary potential of the tablet and has created an amazing product like the iPad."

"Our companies compete" he continued, adding "It is capitalism."

[source: Corriere della Sera (Italian) via SlashGear]