Gravity-shifting platformer VVVVVV is hitting Nintendo's eShop early next year and it could feature some new elements if fans are willing to support them.

Nicalis's Tyrone Rodriguez told NintendoWorldReport that online leaderboards and a level editor may feature in the 3DS version if players are ready to make use of them.

"It's depends on the players," Rodriguez said. "We're considering online leaderboards and other things. If they download the game and they play it and they enjoy it and want to keep playing it, then we'll be happy to support it for the long term."

Building blocks

Rodriguez added that a level editor for VVVVVV was already up and running, but he's concerned the feature may go unused by players.

"It's up to the players," Rodriguez explained. "We'd love to have it in. We have it working. It's a big investment for the player to make a level. Sometimes people load up the level editor and never use it or just make a level with one room. It's a lot of work on our end to make it work, to test it, and debug it."

A recent hands-on conducted by NintendoWorldReport revealed that the levels created in the PC edition's level editor will be available in the 3DS version, and that the game will launch with a selection of the VVVVVV community's best efforts, including a level from Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson.

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