It's December. Mince pies are flying off store shelves, shoppers are aggressively snatching up every last piece of wrapping paper, and a fat man in a red suit is preparing his reindeer for an around-the-world trip.

While all of that is going on, App Store developers and publishers are furiously scrambling to update their apps and games with festive content, such as snowy levels, themed costumes, special quests, and more.

Pocket Gamer loves nothing more than jabbing a carrot into a ball of snow to create a lovable snowman, pulling crackers, and drinking copious amounts of booze, so we thought we'd highlight some of the Christmas updates that are already live on the App Store.

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Cover Orange - Xmas Gift (iPhone and iPad)

Although it's been released as a standalone app, Cover Orange - Xmas Gift is basically a Xmas-themed update to the popular puzzler Cover Orange.

It gives you the chance to save festive fruit throughout 20 snow-covered levels, each packed to the rafters with trees, bells, lights, and decorations.

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Scribblenauts Remix (Universal)

If you own innovative iOS puzzler Scribblenauts Remix, there's a chance you already noticed the game's new holiday-themed play area, icon, and music.

The update also introduced the ability to create objects using the iPhone 4S's Siri functionality, but that's not really festive. Well, we suppose you could use it to create some snow.

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Spy Mouse (iPhone and iPad)

Firemint's Christmas update for puzzler Spy Mouse completely transforms the game's first world into a winter wonderland, replete with snow, decorations, and a festive boss.

Cheese crumbs have even been replaced with candy corns.

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Angry Birds Seasons (iPhone and iPad)

Angry Birds Seasons's jubilant update introduces 25 new feather-flinging levels, though you can only access one a day. You know - like an advent calendar.

There are also Santa hat-wearing pesky green piggies, and other destructible holiday favourites.

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Jetpack Joyride (Universal)

How can you make Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride more festive? By packing it with a purchasable Santa suit and fat scientists that have scoffed too much pudding, of course

There are also two new jetpacks to earn: a christmas tree that rains down celebrations, and a snow machine.

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Order & Chaos Online (Universal)

Gameloft has updated its MMORPG with an entirely new Christmas island, which is packed with new quests and a range of new items to fill your stockings with.

The French publisher has also decorated some of Order & Chaos Online's older locations with snow, presents, and trees, and has dressed its NPCs up in red suits.

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