Android and Xperia Play users can pick up Sega’s revamped retro classic Sonic CD today despite the rumours that the Android version would be delayed until 2012.

Although it’s mostly a straight port, Sonic CD on Android does contain some lovely modern features, such as new leaderboards and achievements.

You can also choose between the US and Japanese soundtracks, and play as Sonic's long-time sidekick Tails. As soon as you’ve clocked the game once, that is.

Whilst this Android version of Sonic CD has sped onto the Market a little over a day after its iOS counterpart hit the App Store, the Windows Phone version has yet to surface. Sega has claimed, however, that Windows Phone Sonic lovers will be indulged in early 2012.

Sonic CD is priced at £1.29, and is available from the Android Market now [download].

Android Police

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