Despite being available on the Xperia Play for a fair few months, the ‘optimised’ version of Order & Chaos Online is still not fully functional for many players, with a high volume of complaints referring to broken controls.

The WoW-inspired mobile MMO has recently been made available on the device’s game launcher, leading many to believe that it had been fully optimised. But, upon downloading the game, players quickly discovered that the physical controls of the Xperia Play weren’t functioning at all and that they had to rely on the touchscreen controls.

Open forum

This and other problems involving the game crashing to the home screen led to complaints on Gameloft’s tech support forums, including claims from one user that the game was "pretty much useless".

The publisher has responded to the problems by saying it is working on an update.

"We are preparing an update which will fix the issue some people are having where the optimised controls aren't working," Callum Rowley, digital marketing manager for Gameloft UK, told Pocket Gamer. "Users will be presented with the update when they launch the game. I don't have an exact ETA on when it will be live, but we are aiming for this week."

This isn’t the first problem that has affected players of the MMORPG, with game accounts being repeatedly hacked earlier this year.

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