Right now, there are members of the Steel Media crew that are doing a little funky dance on their desks. They may even have taken their clothes off.

That's because the Free App Alliance app has gone live on the App Store.

First things first. If you're unaware, the Free App Alliance website is where you'll find the finest collection of free apps and games anywhere on this planet.

It ensures this by gathering all of the best free iPhone app site promotions in one handy place and highlighting them for your game-playing pleasure. (The FAA team regularly monitors free app sites, so expect further standard-meeting examples to be routinely added to the collection.)

Free and easy

Every day brings a new selection of must-try content - and, additionally, SM's expert appsters will pick out a handful of recommendations - and none of it will cost you a penny.

In a move not unlike one of those rare instances of cosmic alignment, the FAA app is obviously gratis, too. And it's definitely handy - it enables you to find out all of the free stuff you shouldn't be missing out from the comfort of your phone.

It's also just one click away (hit the button below to be taken to it). So, if you like the idea of being kept informed of the free iPhone content that's truly worthy of your attention, you know what to do.