UPDATE: Since this story was published, a spokesman for OnLive has contacted us to say that "sorry, we can't predict when the OnLive iPad app will be officially released. We'll certainly post it on our website when it is available. It is still with Apple for approval." Original story follows:

Streaming gaming service OnLive finally launched on Android tablets and phones yesterday, but the expected iOS version is still nowhere to be seen.

Briefly mentioned in yesterday morning's OnLive announcement, the version of OnLive for iPad and iPhone is currently awaiting the thumbs-up from Apple before it can go live on the App Store.

Could the reason for the delay be that Apple has cold feet over approving the service, for it doesn't want OnLive competing with its own carefully curated App Store ecosystem? After all, some of OnLive's titles like World of Goo are already available on the App Store.

No threat

That's not a concern, according to OnLive chief executive Steve Perlman, who told the The Guardian that OnLive shouldn't be a threat to Apple's gaming library.

"We're not going to displace anything in the Apple store: we don't have the games they have, and if there's no internet connection, people will want to play the games locally anyway," Perlman asserts.

"They view us like anything else: they have Netflix on there that competes with iTunes. Our Viewer application for iPad has been featured in their New & Noteworthy section, so they seem to be alright with it."

We should find out whether Apple is indeed "alright" with it soon enough. We'll keep you posted. Promise.