Anyone paying (close, close, close) attention to Rockstar's blog over the past couple of days will have noticed something strange about its original post announcing Grand Theft Auto III is coming to iOS and Android.

Yes, that's right. The Samsung Galaxy S II has been removed from Rockstar's list of officially supported devices for the 10th Anniversary Edition of Grand Theft Auto III.

So, what gives, Rockstar?

Give me reasons, dammit

A spokesman for the company has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition will no longer feature support for the hot-selling Samsung Galaxy S II, but didn't disclose why.

One reason could be the dual-core Exynos chip that powers the Samsung Galaxy S II, with Rockstar opting to focus on supporting Android devices that run on the more widely used Tegra 2 processor instead.

As for the game itself, Grand Theft Auto III: Anniversary Edition will launch on December 15th on select iOS and Android devices, and will retail for £2.99 / $4.99.


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