Talking at the Social Gaming and Virtual Goods World conference today in London, CEO of Cmune Ludovic Bodin confirmed that the company was bringing its first-person shooter UberStrike (a.k.a. the most popular Unity3D title on Facebook) to mobile devices soon.

UberStrike is an old skool action-shooter, which harks back to a time when the rocket jump was king, skill with the mouse trumped camping with a heartbeat sensor, and the word 'frag' could be used without sounding ironic.

It's attracted over a million monthly players and over 500,000 Likes on Zuckerberg's social network of choice to date, while the recent Mac App Store port has regularly topped the download charts.

Strike two

While an early build of the iPad version was demonstrated last month by the company in the game's official forums, the existence of an Android version hasn't officially been confirmed. Yet.

However, Bodin has revealed that the company is "also working with Nvidia on [Android] tablets", which suggests it'll be a Tegra game when it heads to Google's mobile platform.

A release date for the mobile version of UberStrike is still under wraps, but Cmune has revealed that it expects the game to be out "sometime in 2012".