Christmas is a time when many app publishers fight for chart position on the App Store.

Some, however, use the seasonal opportunities for more charitable purposes, and that's the thinking behind 12 Indie Apps for Christmas.

One game has been provided by 12 indie developers, with 25 percent of the net revenue (post Apple's 30 percent) during December, going to Child's Play and Doctors Without Borders.

The full breakdown of games and companies is as below.

Christmas Air Hockey - Acceleroto
Disc Drivin' - Pixelocity Software
Full Deck Word Games - GRL Games
Galcon Labs - Phil Hassey
Harbor Master - Imangi Studios
iBlast Moki - Godzilab
Red Nova - Celsius Game Studios
Sword of Fargoal - Fargoal LLC
Smiles HD - Sykhronics Entertainment/Mike Kasprzak
Tilt to Live - One Man Left
Trainyard - Magicule/Matt Rix
Velocispider - Retro Dreamer

You can find out more via the 12 Indie Apps for Christmas website.