UPDATE: EA has just emailed back with more details. The iPad version of the game should be going live very soon, so expect to see it on the App Store shortly. This new version of Tetris also has the option of joining a COD: Elite style subscription service called T-Club, which offers up in-game bonuses for monthly or yearly injections of cash. We're not making this up, sadly. Original story follows:

EA Mobile has rather sneakily released a new version of Tetris for the iPhone without telling anyone.

Called simply Tetris (thereby removing the old version of Tetris from sale), this ultra-modern reworking of the classic puzzle game includes a variety of new modes, including One-Touch Marathon and the multi-level Tetris Galaxy.

It also comes with the standard Marathon game - which should be familiar to anyone who’s played on a phone / portable gaming console in the past 20 years - so purists like me won’t feel left out if the new modes fail to impress.

Disappointingly, iPad users are left out of the block-slotting party and will have to make do with standard Tetris HD for now. We’ve contacted EA Mobile to find out whether this new version will be leaping over the platform divide at a later date.

iPhone users, however, can download Tetris from the App Store now for 69p / 99c by hitting the button below.

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