EA Sports has just released FIFA 12 (or FIFA Soccer 12 in North America) on the Xperia Play for free.

The latest version of the venerable football franchise joins the likes of Dead Space and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit as part of the studio's recently introduced free games initiative on Xperia Play. FIFA 12 includes all the usual modes like Leagues, Cups, Quick Match, as well as a Daily Challenge mode. It also includes a new replay system, stadiums, and commentaries. All the licensed teams have been updated with new players, as we'd expect.

For the moment, it looks as though FIFA 12 will be exclusive to the Xperia range of smartphones, which, of course, means it's available now on the arc, ray, and neo, in addition to the Play.

You can find FIFA 12 on the phone’s game launcher under the 'Free EA Games' icon - this will take you to the EA storefront.

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