Although it's still unclear how many pennies you'll have to shell out for a brand-new PS Vita title, Sony has declared that the handheld's games will offer value for money.

In a recent interview with website VideoGamer, senior vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios Michael Denny said that Vita titles with be worth their asking price, despite the abundance and popularity of 69p / 99c software on iPhone.

"I don't disregard smaller, bite-sized games and the pricing models that go with them. It's all about consumer choice and user experience, and how people want to consume games," Denny said.

"There are lots of gamers who do like smaller experiences, and with those experiences a price point that goes with them. We're open to that, and embracing it - free-to-play models as well, we'll look at all these options. But the content has to be the right sort of content for those models."

The cost of creation

According to Denny, Vita games will deliver something close to a home console-like experience, which take big budgets to create. This cost ensures a "high-quality experience", but results in a higher-priced game.

"What we're bringing with Vita, in addition to experiences like that [bite-sized mobile games], are these bigger, deeper, richer, more immersive experiences - almost console-like experiences. People understand that these are high-quality experiences that have high budgets associated with them, and I think are still seen by consumers as real value for money," Denny explained.

"You compare it with most other forms of entertainment, whether it's media, digital or physical entertainment, and in terms of the longevity of the experience you can get from these games, it does still seem like a lot of value."

PS Vita games are likely to be priced relatively closely to their PS3 counterparts, with digital downloads possibly costing around 20 per cent less.