Gravity-defying platformer Inertia: Escape Velocity will be optimised for the Xperia Play following its general release on Android and iOS, creator Red Fly Studios has told Pocket Gamer.

The game is scheduled to launch on iPhone, iPad, and general Android devices on December 1st, but the developer says it "plans to support the Xperia Play fully with upcoming updates".

Unfortunately for Xperia Play owners keen on playing Inertia: Escape Velocity as soon as possible, Red Fly Studios admits it's still too early to tell exactly when that update will be issued.

Inertia: Escape Velocity is the spiritual successor to Indie Game Challenge finalist Inertia. The goal in this follow-up is to run and float through the levels using gravity-twisting orbs, boosters, and zip-lines, all the while collecting space ship parts and avoiding various electrified obstacles.

The Android and iPhone version of Inertia: Escape Velocity will cost £1.49 / $1.99, with the iPad edition costing slightly more at £1.99 / $2.99.