[Update: The game is currently locked out for those outside of Japan. We've contacted Sega to find out if and when the title will be coming to the rest of the world]

Sega's fast-paced Game Boy Advance platformer Sonic Advance has sped onto the Android Market, complete with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.

Unfortunately, the app's description is entirely in Japanese, but we presume there's relatively little difference between this version and the game's original 2001 outing.

Sonic Advance sees you dashing through six different normal zones and two additional special zones, in your search for Eggman - the franchise's famous villain.

If you're familiar with any of Sonic's adventures, you'll already know that each zone involves collecting rings, bouncing off springs, avoiding enemies, and reaching the exit.

The number of Chaos Emeralds you manage to collect as you sprint through each stage dictates whether you earn a good or bad ending when you finally defeat the game's main foe.

You can download Sonic Advance from the Android Market completely free of charge [buy].