FazeCat's brilliant genre-pushing castle versus castle romp Paladog! for iPhone has just received a massive update.

Included in the update is a brand-new Darkdog game mode, which is unlocked upon clearing the event stage after the third wave of Paladog Survival mode.

In this new Darkdog mode, you get the opportunity to play as Darkdog himself - boosting the number of playable characters to a mighty two - and participate in three new mini-games: Boar Dash, Rocking Horse Defense, and Dungeon Defense.

FazeCat has also seen fit to adjust the game balance in Paladog!, and to insert opening and closing scenes for your pleasure.

Pocket Gamer handed Paladog! a Gold Award when it was reviewed earlier this year, and is available from the App Store now for £1.49 / $1.99.