If you enjoyed the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Ducati Challenge, you might be familiar with its developer, Digital Tales.

The Italian software house has released a batch of new screenshots for its upcoming iPhone and iPad title Battleloot Adventure, which combines elements of both the RPG and strategy genres. You can check out the screens in our gallery over there on the right.

The game tasks you with hiring a party of adventurers - each with its own skills - and swearing your allegiance to one of four different cities, before setting off to battle rival mercenaries and dangerous creatures.

As in traditional role-playing games, you can upgrade your party in Battleloot Adventure with new equipment, items, and abilities, and set your own formations based on your foes' weaknesses.

Battleloot Adventure will hit the App Store packing support for Apple's Game Center, meaning you can unlock shiny virtual trophies and achievements, and launch an assault on a range of leaderboards.

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