Battlefield: Bad Company 2 developer Digital Legends has released new iPhone and iPad physics-based puzzler Nutty Sam: Swing, Slide & Soar to Survive.

In this free download, you attempt to aid Sam - an inflatable hybrid of chameleon and blowfish - in his quest to nab some shiny golden nuts, by swinging, sliding, and soaring around obstacles and hazards.

You navigate each of the game's 60 levels by holding your device's screen to inflate Sam, and releasing it again to deflate the colourful protagonist. You'll also have to utilise wind streams, switches, springs, and other elements to reach the end of each stage.

Up in the Clouds

You can play the first 20 levels of Nutty Sam: Swing, Slide & Soar to Survive without spending a penny, but the other 40 require you to splash the cash on a 69p / 99c in-app purchase.

The puzzler comes packing support for Apple's recently released iCloud service, meaning you can begin playing the Universal app on your iPhone and continue where you left off on your iPad.

Nutty Sam: Swing, Slide & Soar to Survive is available from the App Store right now.