Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that carrier Vodafone will be its preferred partner for 3G connectivity when the PS Vita hits store shelves on February 22nd.

The partnership will extend across Europe and into other selected territories, including the UK, Italy, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands.

"With social gaming and connectivity at the heart of PlayStation Vita it is important that we partner with a market leading network provider, to ensure users have a high quality 3G experience," SCEE CEO Jim Ryan said.

Vodafone's group terminals director Patrick Chomet added, "We know from our application downloads that games are hugely popular with our customers, so we're delighted to be SCEE's preferred connectivity partner for 3G Vita devices sold across Europe and other selected regional markets."


If you decide to do all of your online gaming, your checking-in, your messaging, and your other social business with Vodafone, you'll receive a free PSN voucher that entitles you to download WipEout 2048 from the PS Store.

You'll be able to pick-up a 3G-enabled PS Vita for around £279, with a wi-fi-only model setting you back around £229. [via CVG]