In an interview with Pocket Gamer a fortnight ago, ustwo CHIEF WONKA mills outlined his studio's future plans for its psychedelic single-finger iPhone hit Whale Trail.

One of the ways in which mills suggested ustwo would try and maintain Willow the Whale's momentum on the App Store is through updates.

And true to the boss's word, ustwo is preparing a "MAJOR update" for its frequent flyer, which will launch in roughly ten days' time, and will add new challenge chapters alongside the main Endless mode.

Lucky charm

Furthermore, you'll soon to be able to get your grubby little mitts on 32 additional unlockable levels. The lazy / impatient / incompetent among you will also be able to unlock certain levels via in-app purchases.

Whale Trail on iPhone received a Silver Award when it went under the PG microscope last month, with our Bulent describing it as "a charming confection that’s impossible not to like, with stellar production values and solid gameplay."

Samsung Galaxy S II owners need not feel left out in the cold, either, for an Android version of Whale Trail will go live at the same time as the fresh content for the iPhone and iPad edition.

In the meantime, you can grab Whale Trail from Apple's digital marketplace for 69p / 99c as a Universal app.

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