Zynga has decided to slash the price of its addictive social title Words With Friends for a "limited time", meaning you can now pick-up the Scrabble-esque word game for just 69p/99c.

Your hard-earned cash will get you the ad-free version of the Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning brain teaser, which tasks you with constructing high-scoring words from random strings of letters.

As in the aforementioned Scrabble, you can boost you score by laying your best efforts across double-letter, triple-word, and similarly labelled tiles.

Words With Friends allows you to challenge up to 20 different opponents at any one time. Bag more points than your foe before the letters run out and you will, naturally, be crowned victorious.

You can grab the paid version of Words With Friends from the App Store for 69p/99c [buy], or grab the ad-supported version without spending a penny [buy]. There's even an iPad version for £1.99/$2.99 [buy].

Pocket Gamer is currently taking bets on how the following game will finish. I've got a fiver on Rich.

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