Owlchemy Labs's cuddly toy-crammed physics-based drive-'em-up Snuggle Truck has been for another tune-up, and has emerged packing several new features.

For starters, there are five all-new professionally designed (not community designed) levels to thrash through, as well as an additional five that you can grab through in-app purchase for 69p/99c.

Sticking with levels, the game's developer has made it easier to sift through the more than 450 user-created tracks, and has enhanced the game's in-built level editor with requested features, such as a 'duplicate selected item' button.

When you finally decide to jump into one of the levels on offer, you can now utilise a new set of power-ups, pimp your ride with a new zoo-themed truck skin, and earn yourself virtual 'hardcore player badges'.

Finally, Owlchemy Labs has made several graphical upgrades throughout the game and has "further enhanced" its textures for Apple's Retina display.

Despite the new content, it's currently possible to grab Snuggle Truck for both the iPhone [buy] and iPad [buy] completely free of charge. We gave it a Bronze Award at review so it's definitely worth checking out.