There are dozens of Beer Pong games on the Apple App Store and Android Market.

However, only one of them has official Pocket Gamer branding - that's Codeglue's Beer Pong HD.

As you'd expect, it's the typical Paper Toss gameplay that has you attempting to throw or bounce a ping-pong ball into a series of cups within a bar environment.

You can even select the wobble camera if you want to include additional beery realism as each session wears on.

Our table, our rules

There are plenty of different table designs for you to choose from, including premium ones you can buy, but the Pocket Gamer branded design will be the first on the menu as the Table of the Month choice.

Beer Pong HD is free for Android (link) and iOS.

You can check out how it plays (and how not to act in bars) in the following video.

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