Previously Xperia Play-exclusive platformer INC is now available on a range of other Android-powered phones, as well as Apple's iPhone and iPad.

The Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winner comes packing 40 levels spread across four worlds, each with a "multi-layer" design that allows you to complete the game in various ways, based on how "hardcore" you are.

As you play through each level you can unlock several achievements for both OpenFeint and Game Center - the latter only available on iOS. Obviously.

Finally, you can play INC using a range of peripherals. These include a keyboard, GameGripper, and Wii-mote for Android, and the iCade, iControlPad, and JoyPad app for iOS [buy].

We liked OrangePixel's platformer when we reviewed it for the Xperia Play back in October, so it's definitely worth looking at.

You can grab it from the App Store as a Universal app for £1.49/$1.99 [buy] and from the Android Market for £1.71 [buy].

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