It's getting colder outside, and a general Christmassy atmosphere is beginning to prevail. What better way to spend the dark winter evenings than with pals down the local boozer?

For the rest of the day, however, all we can do is stare into the middle distance, whether counting down the hours at work, Christmas shopping in Bluewater, or (sigh) spending time with family.

Don't worry too much, though, since this selection of bada games will grant you access to an array of pub-based activities wherever you are.

Darts, pool, cards, and pub quizzes are all included, so pull up a bar stool and get the beers in - it's the top five pub games on bada.


At our local dive, you'd be lucky to reach the fire exit in one piece should you ask for anything as flamboyant as a Singapore Sing or a New Orleans Fizz.

In Bartender, meanwhile, you're not only able to mix over-the-top virtual cocktails at your leisure, but you're also given the chance do it in style, tapping frantically to juggle bottles and entertain the punters.

There are a few mini-games available, too, involving shaking up the liqueur, while Bartender also teaches you how to mix these drinks in real life.

Astraware Casino

Pumping precious coinage into that fruit machine by the entrance is a risky business.

These malevolent / magical devices can pilfer all your hard-earned cash in a matter of minutes, and tend to offend the senses of those nearby by loudly spouting catchphrases from daytime TV personalities.

Astraware Casino not only lets you gamble to your heart's content at 11 different games (including Texas Hold 'Em No Limit Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots), but it also lets you do it without fear of wasting your real-life wonga.

Deluxeware Darts

Man has been throwing pointy sticks at stuff from time immemorial. In days gone by, such skills would have provided a Neanderthal family with its weekly shopping. Nowadays, it's all about gaining local kudos with your 170 checkouts.

To get some arrows practice in, check out Deluxeware Darts. It contains all of the traditional darts variations, including 500, 301, 501, clock, and cricket.

There's a multiplayer mode to sink your teeth into and a selection of virtual Phil Taylors to hone your skills against.

Adrenaline Pool Online 2

Hit the baize in Eurocentre's pool sim Adrenaline Pool Online 2 and take the opportunity to wipe the grins off your virtual mates' faces should you be totally inadequate at the real thing.

No more fiddling with chalk. No more hunting down the 'right' cue from the in-house selection. No more complaining about the distracting noise emanating from the TV in the corner.

Adrenaline Pool Online 2 features four distinct play modes (8-ball, 9-ball, straight, and snooker), while chatrooms offer online players the chance to talk smack for hours on end.

Bartender Trivia

So, you know your Manhattan from your Panama, do you? Know all of the necessary ingredients to concoct a Harvey Wallbanger?

Test this admirable booze knowledge via the Bartender Trivia game, the handheld version of the humble pub quiz machine.

Or failing that, test the bartender himself, though don’t blame us when you get barred for being a smartarse.

Disclosure: Steel Media is running the bada Student Developer Challenge in conjunction with Samsung.