Ex-Silicon Knights producer Erik Peterson set up Toronto-based indie studio Romper Games in October 2009 with a mission statement to "take over the world, one downloadable platform at a time".

The first of these platforms that Romper Games will attempt to dominate is iOS. And to do so, it's taking a page right out of Sonic The Hedgehog's book.

Raccoon Rising features a furry hero on a quest to save his woodland pals from robot invaders hell-bent on destroying their forest homeland. (We don't think any of the invaders are called Dr Robotnik, mind.)


The touchscreen controls for this perpetual-jumping game look pretty darn simple: tap anywhere on screen to jump. Easy as that.

Raccoon Rising will be available for iOS devices on November 17th for 69p / 99c via the App Store.

Check out the gameplay video below for more details.

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