Remember WipEout on PSone? Remember those mind-bending hairpins? Remember scrambling to prevent your flying shoe from careening into the concrete wall at the speed of sound?

Well, it looks like those hardcore, seizure-inducing moments will remain just that: memories.

According to the game's producer Michael Pulst, WipEout 2048 on PlayStation Vita will introduce wider tracks to make the game more accessible.

Too hard(core)

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Pulst reckons that the WipEout experience "was so hardcore that it actually turned some people off. It was a barrier to entry, and the team recognized this."

"By making the tracks a bit wider, you’re able to concentrate more on the race and fighting off the other players."

WipEout 2048 will launch alongside Sony’s upcoming PS Vita, which will debut in the UK and US in late February.


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