When we told you back in August that Pocket Gamer was launching in Germany, we weren't lying. 

To see for yourself you just need to visit de.pocketgamer.com, where the site is now (a)live and kicking. 

Like its UK cousin, Pocket Gamer Germany exists for the sole purpose of bringing you – or rather, its German-speaking audience – coverage of the most noteworthy events from the ever-developing portable gaming world.

That means readers should expect news, previews, and reviews for a wide range of platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Xperia Play, PS Vita, PSP, DS, DSi, and 3DS.

But we didn't do it alone. Pocket Gamer Germany has emerged from a collaboration with MediaXP, the leading lifestyle and entertainment publisher in the German-speaking market.

(For those who remember, this is a similar set-up to Pocket Gamer France's association with JmobiL, and may see further expansion in the future – stay tuned for more.)

For now, though, MediaXP will venture forth with the aim of making PG Germany the leading mobile entertainment site for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

We'd expect nothing else. Viel Glück.