Pinball has a longer history than you might imagine (and a stronger following than many would suspect) with tables originating in the 1700s. As a result, there are a lot of subtleties to the game that amateurs probably don’t notice.

That said, it’s still pinball. If you like pinball, you’ll like Pinball Ride. But if you aren’t too fussed about the game, you'll find this time-waster a bit dry.

Flipping heck

One of the reasons that Pinball Ride is a good example of the genre is its optimisation for the device. The left and right triggers control the flippers in a firm and intuitive way, while a quick flick of the phone acts as a nudge to the table.

The plunger still needs to be operated using the touchscreen, but this too manages to have a satisfyingly physical feel to it, so it by no means becomes an annoyance.

There are plenty of challenges to activate, leaving you to the usual task of frantically aiming for particular bumpers and kickers. Even though these ‘episodes’ sometimes repeat themselves, there’s enough variety to keep things ticking over for multiple plays. If you can stand the bland, repetitive music, that is.

Bumpy ride

All the usual tricks are pulled – multiball remains the most entertaining aspect. But it’s something of a shame there's only one table to play on.

The single table offered is well-designed and slickly informs you of your progress through slow-motion events and comic-book like panels. But the inclusion of even just the one more table would have given the game a grander lifespan. All in all, pinball enthusiasts are sure to be pleased thanks to a faithful and physical representation of this surprisingly old game.