We're no stranger to App Store clones here at Pocket Gamer, with the likes of Cut the Birds (a mix of Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds) consistently making it through Apple's approval process.

The latest game to somehow creep past the App Store's defences is Minecraft clone Crafted, which - as you might expect - sees you take up residence in a randomly generated open world constructed from different types of blocks.

As the game's description points out, your aim is to "build, mine, craft, and survive the night!" You do this with the help of 50 placeable blocks, 120 different items, and 40 crafting recipes.

An official version of Minecraft is expected to hit Apple's iPhone and iPad before the end of the year, so we'd advise you to just wait for that.

If you're one of those impatient beasts, though, you can grab Crafted right now for 69p / 99c.