You just can't keep Peter 'Mighty Eagle' Vesterbacka, Rovio's CMO and spokesman quiet.

Sitting on a panel talk at Nokia World, he continued his ongoing bullish argument, comparing Rovio to Nintendo and Disney.

"We're all in on Angry Birds," he said in response to a question about what next for the Finnish developer, which currently has '200 staff and 100 open positions', and is 'insanely profitable'.

It’s me...

Taking the comparison with Mario, a route the company has previously taken, he said, "When Mario drives a car, it becomes Mario Kart. When Mario flies to space it's Mario Galaxy. Our birds will do things, and go to unexpected places."

As well as hinting about new Angry Birds games, he also spoke about the other things Rovio was doing in terms of merchandising, animation and book/ebook publishing.

"We have a movie planned. Hopefully we will do a bit better than the Super Mario movie," he joked.

About the experience

Of course, Rovio's big argument is that although its business is based on a game, it's not a games companies.

"It's not like hobby," Vesterbacka said of its new merchandising operations. "We need to take all our businesses very seriously and make them insanely profitable.

"If you have a strong brand, it will manifest itself in physical objects."

Something new

However, in making a comparison to Disney, he did concede that at some point, Rovio would have to come up with some new characters.

"We're following in Disney's footsteps so as it moved from a black and white film about a mouse, so we will add some characters," he predicted.