It’s safe to say a lot of people have been waiting for Chillingo to finally break from its iOS tradition and start releasing games on Android, so the appearance of Spider Jack (download) and Office Gamebox (download) on the Android Market over the weekend is a refreshing sight.

Spider Jack is a physics-based puzzler along the same lines as ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope, which sees you trying to get the titular cartoony arachnid to its lunch while avoiding a host of spikes and other pitfalls.

There’s a three-star system at play, as you might expect, as well as a selection of familiar special objects like bubbles and portals to mess up your well-laid plans.

I reviewed the iOS release and was a little disappointed with it, but if you’ve cleaned up on Cut the Rope then you may find enough here to sate your gaming appetite.

Office Gamebox, meanwhile, has three ‘office themed’ games for you to tryout, including Paper Sniper, Chair Race, and Pitch a Penguin. That last one doesn’t sound like any office I’ve been to.

Both games are available as either paid-for or ad-supported downloads using the links above.

Of possibly more interest to Android gamers is the news that other Chillingo titles have also been slated for release on the format in the future, with the eye-catching Contre Jour (and the plain weird Roll in the Hole) currently "coming soon".

Other titles currently confirmed for the platform include Parking Mania, Little Lost Chick, and My Vampire Boyfriend, all of which managed to evade our crack review squads on iOS.