Amanita Design, the developer behind Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning puzzler Machinarium, has plans to release new title Botanicula for PC and Mac - and possibly iOS and Android - in early 2012.

This visually stunning point-and-click exploration game follows five little tree creatures on their journey to save the last seed from their home tree before it gets into the hands of the evil parasites that infest it.

Unfortunately, our details end there, but you can get a flavour of the game's action by checking out the teaser trailer below.

Won't just phone it in

Amanita Design wants to launch Botanicula on Apple's iPad and Android devices around the same time that it hits the PC and Mac.

The developer admitted in a conversation with Pocket Gamer that it's also "thinking" about a phone version of the game, but states "that's still just an idea and we need to carry out a few experiments before we can talk about it seriously."

We'll keep you updated with any new gossip as we get it.

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