The newest version of CyanogenMod, a custom ROM that optimises the Android OS and adds several features, has been released on Xperia Play along with 23 other devices.

CyanogenMod 7.1 adds some useful features such as brightness control, Bluetooth mouse support, support for revoking application permissions, and a camera timer. A full list of the additions to this version can be found on the ROM’s changelog.

Sony Ericsson recently gave 20 handsets to the team working on bringing CyanogenMod to Xperia phones as a gesture of support. The community has said in a blog post that it has received word from other companies but hasn’t said exactly who.

“Various other vendors have reached out to us, but we understand that it is still somewhat of a difficult situation.

“We will soon be providing a porting guide and some information on how vendors can get involved with the project and how/why it will benefit them.” CyanogenMod Blog

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