Spilt Milk Studios’s Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning iPhone game Hard Lines is now available for both Android tablets and phones.

Hard Lines HD is what you’d get if you dipped mobile classic Snake into a big vat of neon (produced by the light bikes from the original Tron film) and coated it with more character than you can shake a serpent at.

The aim is to avoid hitting a solid wall while eating ‘glowy things’ that make your line - called Lionel, of course - grow longer.

Things could get Messi

Unlike Snake, there are countless other lines out to swallow the glowy things before you do, and to take you out at the same time. Oh, and they all like bad-mouthing you as they scoot around. The cads.

This Android version of Hard Lines comes with all six game modes from the iOS original, as well as support for tablet displays and the Xperia Play.

It’s available to buy now for £1.99 from the Android Market [download].

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