As things happen, I was at UK studio ustwo yesterday - checking out Whale Trail obviously - when I was introduced to Max from Johnny Two Shoes.

Well, introduced is the wrong word as we've already been introduced; but I didn't expect to find him at ustwo, where he shares deskspace.

Long story

As Max remembered, I wrote about his first iOS game High Speed Chase 2.0 a couple of years ago.

Since then, the studio - which now consists of the three Scott-Slade brothers - has gone onto bigger and better things; notably the much praised Plunderland, which sold well, also gaining a Pocket Gamer silver award last year.

And it looks like the cycle will be repeated with its next game Prevail.

There aren't a lot of details available yet, but a trailer has been released, which shows the game's basic set up.

Stand out

The art style is characteristically Johnny Two Shoes, with 2D paper puppet animation, and a very strong visual look based around a humanoid race on an alien planet (a little bit Mayan meets Avatar perhaps).

The shown gameplay seems to revolve around item collection, although the big twist of the trailer is when a UFO comes along and kidnaps your friends.

The game's overall goal is to rescue them, but the journey will be more important as you have to gain different vehicles and space ships to access numerous planets, positioned in a free-roaming, coherent universe, each of which contain special items, animals, enemies, plants, and trees to experience.

Other elements that will feed into the action include a GTA-style notoriety system, and a touch of Black & White that will see your in-game behaviour affecting the environments.

We expect to be hearing a lot more about Prevail, which will be released for iOS before the end of the year.

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