The App Store is full of games trying to be other games. Run Fox Run is trying to be Canabalt, as well as the various other games like it.

It makes a decent fist of it, too, creating an entertaining if somewhat shallow experience.

But do you really have room on your iPhone, or in your heart, for another game that sees you running away as fast as you can from the dastardly left-hand side of the screen?

Quick as a fox

Run Fox Run lets you take control of a plucky, lean fox. He sprints across the screen automatically, leaving you to make sure he leaps over gaps, pounces on various creatures, and generally survives until he reaches the mystical portal at the end of the level.

You'll run through cities, forests, caves, and bizarre cartoon futures, all the while gracefully avoiding bottomless pits, spiky hedgehogs, and the occasional wall of swarming beasts big enough to block out the sky.

You can pick up glowing shields and jump boosts as you sprint, and if you run for long enough without taking any damage you can tap the Speed bar at the bottom of the screen to briefly become an invincible fox-shaped bullet.

Not all that cunning

Alongside the Story mode there's the obligatory Endless Run, which as you might imagine just lets you run for as long as you can. Compared to other games in the genre, Run Fox Run is a little sluggish at times, never really testing your reflexes to their utmost.

Run Fox Run sorely needs some last chance leaps and thrilling tight finishes. Instead, it trots along at a reasonable pace, meaning you're never really worried that you're not going to make it to the end of the level.

The game isn't what you'd call good-looking, either. It takes its visual cues from a host of other games, but never manages to find a style that suits it, ending up muddled and inconsistent.

In the end, Run Fox Run is just one of many Canabalt clones, and it's not the best of them. But it's still a fun and easy slice of gaming that anyone can pick up and enjoy.