The developer behind popular shooters DeathSmiles, Dodonpachi Resurrection, and Mushihimesama Bug Panic has announced that it will be releasing titles for Sony's upcoming portable powerhouse, PS Vita.

The developer's maiden Vita release will be a location-based, samurai-themed social title by the name of Shirotsuku, which will see you become a warlord in the Sengoku period of Japanese history.

You'll be able to use the Vita's geo-location services to 'check-in' and collect exclusive souvenirs from your surroundings. These can then be used to construct over 400 unique buildings based on your geographical data.

An in-game currency – awarded according to the distance traveled between check-ins – can be used to instruct your townsfolk to build structures on your behalf.

You can then show-off to your buddies, trade souvenirs, and connect to social networks in order to find more friends.

Back to basics

Cave has also announced that it's releasing an 'original shooting game' to take advantage of the PS Vita's feature set.

We don't have any other information about the game, but we assume it will support the Vita's rear touchpad and in-built gyroscope.

More info as we get it.